5 Things Every Pet Groomer Should Know

Your pet is precious to you. They are like a member of the family and you want to do what is best for them. This desire should extend to grooming. Bathing the body, trimming the fur, clipping the nails, and looking after the general appearance of your pet is an essential part of keeping them in good health. These tasks should be performed by a professional pet groomer. Though there are many such groomers about, only a select few possess the skill, knowledge, and experience to work on your pet. You want a pet groomer Apex NC you can trust. You want a groomer who is competent enough to look after your pet in the way they deserve.

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Here are 5 things that the pet groomer you choose should know:

  1. How to spot infections

The groomer will be up close and personal with your pet for a few hours. They will feel all over your fur baby and will need to look at their every nook and cranny to clean them. They should have enough knowledge of animal diseases to spot an infection. Spotting such an illness early is usually the key to beating it back. Flea allergy, skin infection, and sores are just a few of the many infections contracted by pets. The sooner you know about the illness, the sooner you will be able to get it seen to.

  1. The relationship diet and coat

The healthiness of your pet’s coat of fur is directly related to their diet. Low quality commercial foods an unbalanced homemade diet will lead to coats that are dull and skin that is irritated. If you go to the same groomer month after month, they will over time recognize the change.

The groomer should also be able to recommend a diet that will revitalize their health and coat of fur. Foods that are rich in omega-6, protein, fat, and vitamins will certainly be on the list. You should also feed your pet high quality pet food and eggs.

  1. When to let the animal rest

A grooming session can be stressful and tiring for a pet. If they are receiving a complete makeover, it could take the better part of the day. The groomer should know when it is time to let the animal rest. This is especially true of older dogs and cats. The groomer should not try to push the animal beyond the limit of its endurance.

  1. Know how to calm a pet

Dogs especially can be hyper and energetic. If your dog fits into his category, your groomer should know how to calm a dog long enough to get the job done. This is a special skill and not every groomer has it.

  1. Know how to deal with a matted coat

A matted coat must be dealt with before the dog is bathed. Dealing with such a phenomenon requires skill and experience. The groomer you work with should know how to comb out the matted fur of your pet before they get on with the grooming.

These are some of the basics of grooming and the person you trust your pet to should know them.

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