7 Essential Things to Know Before Owning a Siberian Husky

Adding a Siberian husky as a new member of your family is a huge feat. With its majestic coat, wolf-like shape, and lovely blue and brown eyes – this dog is undeniably beautiful. But before you bring this pup home, there are things you need to know first to determine if it’s the right breed for you.

1. They shed fur constantly

Unlike other dogs which shed bits of fur in a year, Siberian huskies undergo a major coat blow yearly. This is because they belong to a double coated variety of dogs which annually switch from their summer coat to winter coat to remain comfortable.

So expect that every furniture in your home may end up covered with dog hair come coat blow season. Even when you wear new clothes from your dresser, you will likely spot husky hair on it.

So you had better keep your husky off your bed and give him his own large pet bed if you don’t want to sleep with fur all around you. Set a budget for grooming every few weeks, vacuum often and have a box of lint brush ready to prevent the accumulation of dog hair.

2. They are clever escape artists

Siberian huskies are clever escape artists and they’ll not hesitate to go under or over your fence to seek adventure. Take this into consideration and train your pup inside a pet play pen so that he won’t get away and cause a ruckus around your neighborhood.

3. They are loud-mouthed

If there’s one thing special about a Siberian husky, it’s his piercing and high-pitched voice. Instead of doing a normal bark, a husky pup chooses to scream. Most importantly, you shouldn’t leave your Siberian husky unsupervised unless you live far away in the boondocks.

The mournful howling of a Siberian husky may bother your neighbors and force them to call the cops on you to report the nuisance. Often, a pup misbehaving may be caused by separation anxiety, so if your husky constantly makes noise, seek your vet’s advice.

4. They need regular exercise

A husky pup needs regular activities to be satisfied. If you want an athletic dog who needs an alternate outlet for his energy, this is an ideal breed for you.

You need to ensure that you provide constant opportunities for a Siberian husky to expend his energy. When left alone by himself all day, a husky pup becomes bored and rowdy which he expresses through destructive chewing and howling.

5. Their food is expensive

Siberian huskies can eat more than regular-sized dogs. Moreover, they can’t be fed cheap dog food for they need high protein, grain-free food. Be sure to take this into account in your budget if you don’t want your pooch to suffer from frequent diarrhea and ear infections.

6. They can become stubborn

A husky pup is not particularly easy to please as he has an independent mind of his own. He can get quite determined and manipulative to make you do things that he wants. As early as possible, you should teach your pooch that you mean what you say through absolute consistency.

Respect to a pet owner should be taught to a Siberian Husky while still young. A dog who respects you will listen to what you say. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a dog that’s closest to a wolf in DNA which makes it even more important to work with them from a young age to correct improper behavior.

7. They require leadership

You need to lead your husky pup or he will make his own decisions. Don’t always be friendly and act as a pack leader to prevent your pooch from being possessive. Being a leader in a Siberian husky’s eyes make it easier for you to get a positive response which will pay off big time as he grows into an adult dog.

Huskies are sternly loyal and defensive of their pack. As their “person” or pet parent, they may become jealous of anyone else being around you.

Bond with your husky

Just like humans with distinct personalities, Siberian huskies have unique characteristics of their own. If handled right, you will have a pup who will protect, love, and support your family.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. You have to be fully prepared for it and everything it entails. Your patience, understanding, and affection are everything a husky needs to feel accepted in your home.


Andrew Kevan has been the Account Manager at Sandleford Holdings since 2016. He studied at Monash University and completed his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Zoology. Andrew is the owner of a beautiful Rottweiler named Lady who is constantly spoiled and loves her Fido & Fletch Large Pet Home.