Documents for pet transportation in USA

Each and every one of us needs to travel from one place to another occasionally. It may be just to recreate yourself or may be in the seek of a new career opportunity, whatever it be, traveling is somewhat stressful. And if you have a pet, it would be tougher to accomplish. Taking your pet to the trip with you requires some more extra effort to complete all the necessary and additional preparations.

If you are transporting your pet from any other country to the USA, make sure you have gathered your entire pet’s travel related documents and other paperwork’s. Otherwise, if you travel without legal documents, the US custom may resist you from traveling with your pet or they can mandate quarantines for your pet. So, you should take plenty of time to arrange those urgent documents before planning to travel or your desired trip can be delayed because of it.

Some mandatory documents related to your pet’s health for moving your pet in the USA has given below:

  • Health checkup and certified veterinary inspection
  • Important vaccination
  • Blood test
  • Underlying microchips information

Below-stated specific information must be included in the vaccination certificates. Such as:

  1. Exact denomination and address of the pet owner
  2. Age, color, sex, identical mark, breed speciation and other identity information of the pet
  3. Expired date of the vaccination
  4. Date of present vaccination and information of the vaccine product
  5. Proper number, address, title and signature of the veterinarian.

However, importing pets from the rabies-free countries doesn’t require vaccination.

Most of the international airlines won’t entertain taking pets inside the cabin. Rather, you have to choose cargo holds of the same airlines to transfer your pets. Some of the airlines don’t transport snub-nosed pets like boxers, bull dogs, snubbed cats etc. as they might have  breathing problems in the high altitude of the cargo holds.

Tips to followtransferringpets across the country:

Several domestic airlines have compelled to cancel the flights as well as transportation services due to the wide-spread of the pandemic, COVID-19. In this situation pet owners need to opt for ground transportation of their pets. Ground transportation can help your pet to travel across North America or to reach the larger airports to avail the international airlines services.

Preparationsfor exporting your pet from your presentaddress:

Though exporting as well as importing pets across the USA are simpler than any other country, still these processes need to be planned well. Before exporting your pet to another place, determine its country of origin. Every country has its particular regulations for transporting pets. There might be some kind of export permit or endorsements for pets or may be some specific veterinarian inspections. Before heading to export you must contact the country’s Ministry or the Agriculture Department to accomplish those requirements.

Airlines necessities for pet travel:

Most of the airlines have their own pet transportation policies and certain paperwork’s to be completed before starting the process of transferring.

According to the U.S. Airline Pet policies  every airline should ask for an updated health certificate to the pet owner. Health certificates should not be older than 10 days. Moreover,  some countries require  more updated health and vaccination documents. Those papers are to be verified directly by airlines. The U.S Government allows the employees and family members tocontact the Overseas Briefing Center to know about the transport related restrictions.

Make an appointment to your vet to give your pet necessary vaccines and shots as per airlines’ requirements. Though it is not essential, still you can ask your vet to include shots for hepatitis and distemper that won’t affect your pet.

The ISO Microchip:

Several countries require ISO standard microchips implemented for the pets to enter or exit. In the EU countries you can travel with 10 digit microchips but for international transportation you need to choose 15 digit microchips. And, you must carry the microchip scanner.

Essential certificates:

Pet parents should visit the U.S Department of Agriculture and Animal and Plant Inspection Service to know the requirements for pet transportation. The documents demands are different from country to country. Few countries don’t require any health certificates or transportation permits whereas some others demand proper endorsements and health certificates by an accredited   veterinarian. Such as, for import and export of the pets across and overseas,  the United States Interstate and International Certificates for Health Examination for small animals should be issued by a licensed vet of the USDA.