Dog-An Emotional Friend For Seniors

It is a well-known fact that with increasing age seniors feel many complications not physically but mentally also. There can be many reasons for the that-A feeling of left alone, losing a loved one, lack of friendsetc-which results in feeling depressed for the remaining of life. A feeling of depression can also come from having no responsibility for anyone which was earlier present in their younger days. 

With this view in mind, there can be an option of Dog adoption for seniors, which makes them responsible for someone and can get them rid of their loneliness.

Options of whether to have apet dog, a cat must be evolved and the right decision related to the size and breed must be worked out. All of that required to study the pros and cons of ownership of a pet (dog) in this case, and then come to a decision.

It is true that adopting a dog for senior can relieve themfrom stress and other heart diseases but one should not just jump into this conclusion alone. There should be a liking of having a dog among the seniors and to take care of everything that pets demands like toys, accessories other than food; above all there should be a regular check up of dogs and other vet bills that they need to pay to maintain the dogs; all of these can sometimes be a burden so due calculation should be put into it.

A choice of the size of a dog is dependent on the owner; in this case a senior should be suggested to have small puppy like dog because having a big dog requires a lot of strength to manage them so the best dog for them should be small with less hair.

It is also true that dog provides emotional support but that should not becomes the only informed decision of having a dog; they are also dependent on you for their entire life so they need you more than you because best dogs completes an entire life cycle around you. The relationship of seniors with their dogs should be of friends who take care of each other emotionally, physically and socially.