Dog Walker Vs Dog Day Care: Which One Is Best For Your Dog?

If your dog will not be in your care for several hours, it is crucial to have a plan of how someone will cater to her needs during your absence. Fortunately, there are numerous options to consider, and dog walkers and dog daycare are two of the most popular options available. 

So, if you have to choose between the two options, which one is the best for your furry pet?

Dog Walker Vs. Dog Day Care: socialization

Of course, socialization is quite important to dogs. So, it is vital to consider it when choosing between a dog walker and a dog daycare. Typically, a dog daycare usually has several dogs of varying breeds, sizes, and behaviors. As a consequence, a daycare provides a vast opportunity for your dog to interact with other dogs; thus, it encourages socialization.

However, this is not the case with most dog walkers as they usually take care of one or two dogs at a time. Hence, your dog will not be able to socialize properly.

Dog Walker Vs. Dog Day Care: physical exercise

Generally, both dog walkers and dog daycare centers allow dogs to exercise physically. But when the two options are compared, dog daycare centers are better. This is because a typical daycare would have invested lots of money in toys and a conducive environment for canines to play.

Unfortunately, a dog walker may be only interested in walking around with your dog. Although your puppy will still exercise, it will be limited when compared to a daycare.

Dog Walker Vs. Dog Day Care: cost

Undoubtedly, the cost is an important factor that most individuals consider when choosing between a dog walker and daycare. On average, you will spend more on dog daycare than a dog walker. Depending on your location, you may need to spend at least $30 daily to keep your dog in a daycare, and this can be too expensive for lots of individuals.

So, if money is an important factor for you, a dog walker may be a better option.

Dog Walker Vs. Dog Day Care: trust in the individual

When it comes to a dog walker, the person will likely have to come to your home to pick up your dog when you are not around and return her later. But the question is – are you comfortable with leaving the care of your home in another person’s hand? Do you trust the individual enough to let them access your home without supervision? If you are concerned about these questions, then you should put your dog in a daycare center.

Dog Walker Vs. Dog Day Care: personalized attention

Since a daycare center may have to take care of many dogs at a time, it is often difficult to pay close attention to a particular dog every time. While this is not a safety concern, some dog owners may be bothered about it. Nevertheless, a dog walker only takes care of a few dogs each time; hence, there will be no issue with giving lots of attention to your dog.

Dog Walker vs. Dog daycare: Verdict

In the end, none is particularly better than the other as each has some merits and demerits. But before choosing an option, you must consider the temperament of your dog, how she behaves around other dogs, your finances, and how comfortable you are with other people entering your home. 

Also, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by hiring a dog walker at some time and leaving your dog in dog daycare during other periods.