Four most wanted cats breed

Contrary to what some people think, cats can be as loving as dogs and be the ideal pet for your home. When cats feel safe and get used to living with certain people they can become a really friendly pet.

However, if you’re looking for a loving cat to fill your home with tenderness, you’ll want to know that some breeds are more sociable than others. These cats are perfect pets to live with and to have a good relationship with other pets that we could have at home, and with our children.

  • Ragdoll

Its name means ragdoll and refers to the ability of this cat breed to leave the muscles completely loose when taken in the arms. It is a very calm animal, with blue eyes and a hairy tail. They are very playful with children, so if you have children in your house, this breed is ideal for you.

  • Maine coon

Originally from the United States, he is extremely social and caring of the family, especially the children. These cats have two curiosities: they love water and always choose a person within the family with whom they are more attached, so don’t be surprised when you see that he is more attached to a particular person in your family, hopefully, it will be you.

  • Persian

With a long and soft coat, it stands out for being a calm cat that can live perfectly with other cats and even with dogs without any problem. Being a very snooty animal, he loves to be combed, pampered and to be taken care of. Without a doubt you will love him from the first moment, he is very elegant and always gives the sensation that he wants to be caressed, and who does not love that their kitten approaches him looking for cuddles?

  • Angora

Coming from Turkey, he loves the company and does not tolerate loneliness well. This breed is very playful and they are very energetic, so it is good to keep in mind that we must dedicate enough time to play and to drain all that energy in a good way, besides they love to be the center of attention and the mimes of the family.No matter which one you will choose you are going to have a beautiful, elegant, lovely and warm pet. Your family will have a new friendly member and everyone is going to love it since they all are excellent cats.