How To Cool Your Dog’s 

How to Cool a Dog Down — K&H Pet Products

Whatever the hour it may be, if the temperature is high and your pet is outside ensure that your pet is safe from heat. Heat acts on pets differently than us humans. ( For instance, sweating occurs in dogs through their feet). 

As summers are always fun and cool for everybody. We all love to take our pets on a walk with us on a bright sunny day. There is no harm in it if you are careful. Here are a few precautionary steps that must be taken so that you and your furry member could enjoy the dog days

Basic Needs:

You must provide your dog plenty of water and a good shade. If the temperature bar is rising give them ice cold water. Dogs also love to play in water. Leaving them in a pool will be a help to protect them from scorching heat. Also don’t reply on temporary shades like tree or house shades. You must build an appropriate shade for your canine. A permanent roof will give a cooler place for living. 

Humidity is the Enemy:

You don’t only need to check the temperature bar but the humidity level also. According to animal specialists high humidity also has equal consequences that high temperature has. If the humidity is too high then the dog’s body is unable to cool itself. Hence, body temperature will shoot up leading to deadly consequences. 

No worries. Here is the solution to it. You can find a variety of amazing dog cooling vests online. These cooling vests keep the dog’s body temperature cool and are a great buy for the dog. Get one and enjoy the sunbeams. 

Parked Cars and Dogs are not Friends:

Never ever park your dog in the car. Parking your dog in the car could be fatal. During sunny days, temperature can rise to a dangerous level immediately. Leaving your dog in the car with closed windows will make them uncomfortable, and in some cases proves to be lethal. 

If there is no option of taking them with yourself, you must open the windows of the car so they can get some fresh air and battle with the heat.

Protect that Paw:

When temperature is above 19°C try to avoid taking your puppy on a walk. Their paws are really sensitive to heat. Always find  a shade for them after some time because in temperature of even 20°C they are at likelihood of getting paw burn that can lead to dehydration and ultimately heat stroke. You can use paw protectors or dog  to protect them from heat. 

Spy on your Dog:

Done with all the above necessary safeguards. Never leave your dog alone for long hours. Keep an eye on them. This will help you to anticipate any signs of heat stroke or dehydration. Below are the some sign that will guide you to spot the signs:

  • Red eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Too much water intake
  • Disorientation 

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