Tips To Make Your Fishing Trip More Successful |

Every fisherman aims to achieve a perfect fishing, in a pleasant place, with great fish, good fights, pleasant fishing partners and favorable climate.

For this to happen, the fisherman himself must take the necessary precautions to not regret anything and not to make disastrous mistakes.

As we all know, in many places, it is increasingly difficult to find and catch fish. More and more fishermen are updating themselves, so it is always necessary to seek quality. Here are the important signs to know where to fish best.

1 – Waterfowl

This is the best sign of all, as birds feed on small fish and, consequently, where one is at the other side.

In a place where there are several birds, there will certainly be an abundance of fish.

As we know, predatory fish also feed on these small fish.

If you have to choose a good place to fish, give preference to where flocks of water birds are together.

2 – Islands or Stones

In these places, the best sign will be to look for rocks that have more living organisms, such as shellfish, oysters, barnacles, etc.

In the case of an island, such rocks are always found outside, that is, where the sea is open.

This signal can also be used in rivers or coastal bays.

In fresh water, stones are havens for small fish, and this is where the larger fish will hunt them.

3 – Trunks and / or submerged trees

Another important sign that should be observed, both in rivers along the coast and in freshwater rivers or dams.

There are many species of predatory fish that look for these places to eat, because around sticks and trees partially or totally submerged, living organisms swell, which are the baits of larger fish, such as the bass, the black-bass , peacocks, etc.

4 – Margins with Grass

It is a great sign for dams and freshwater rivers, as it will be in these places that small fish will take refuge to escape the attacks of predators, in addition to there being an infinity of other species of fish that have grass in their food base.

The grass is also the main responsible for the amount of insects in the place, which remain in it and constitute the feeding of fry and small fish.

5 – Fruit Trees

Another important sign of nature, and these can be both wild and home.

Several species of fish feed on fruits. For example: a guava tree on the edge of a dam. If it is time for ripe guavas, for sure the tilapia will be eating this fruit.

So what is the best bait we should use at this time and place? Guava is just one example, as the variety of fruits at the water’s edge is huge, as well as the fish mentioned is just another example.

If we want, we can mention, in addition to tilapia, fish such as pacu, carp, piracanjuba, piaba and etc., as they all have the same habit.

6 – Small Watercourses

They are another important sign of nature that can be used both in fresh water and in the sea.

The detail here is that the big fish are waiting for the food that will invariably come out of the small watercourse.

The best place for fishing is at the junction of the waters.

7 – Channel Identification

  • Surely fish always travel through the deepest part, that is, the channels.
  • The identification of these sites is wide and diverse.
  • At sea we can discover them by the formation of the waves.
  • In coastal bays and rivers, by the formation of rocks or terra firma.An example that can be cited, at the entrance to a canal, if we have on one side a beach and on the other side a hill with stones, surely the bed will pass close to the hill.
  • In rivers, it will be necessary to discover the backwaters, and this can be done by observing aquatic plants that are on the surface of the water.
  • In dams, we will describe the “hillbilly” fashion well.
  • Using a bamboo or rope with a weight, hit the bottom of the dam.
  • When you reach the channel, the depth will suddenly increase.

8 – Waterfalls or Rapids

Who doesn’t know that in piracemas, smaller fish have to overcome these obstacles, upstream, to spawn?

Well, in the rapids, the bigger fish usually eat, and this, in itself, would already be an excellent fishing spot. But don’t forget … there is a limit where you can fish, usually 200 meters below or above those places. Do not make the mistake of fishing in a forbidden place, be informed well before undertaking one of these.