Identifying Major Differences between Water Bugs and Roaches

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It would be relatively easier to differentiate the roaches from the butterfly. However, not all insects would be that different to each other. Most kinds of bugs could appear significantly akin to others. It would be pertinent to mention here that simply because bugs do not look similar; it does not imply they have been deemed similar. There is a term used for describing various kinds of water bugs, beetles, and roaches. The term is ‘Palmetto Bug’.

The Palmetto Bug could cause huge confusion when it comes to making use of the right steps for identifying and treating various kinds of bugs. The water bugs vs roaches would help you understand most of the differences. Most of the times, it could be used as an alternative for one another, despite the fact that they have been different.

There have been significant different in terms of characteristics, behavior, and habits between water bugs and roaches. Let us find a few in the below-mentioned tips.

  • Affinity to water

Where roaches would be drawn and adaptable to water, the water bugs would be deemed as aquatic insects. The legs of water bugs would act as paddles to help them move through water easily.

  • Food habits

The roaches would scavenge almost every kind of food, whereas, the water bugs would hunt, kill, and eat their prey.

  • Build-up

Water bugs are blackish or brownish colored large bugs. Their front legs would act as pincers to hunt their prey. Their exoskeleton or the hard outer shell protects their flying wings.

On the other hand, roaches would be similar to Oriental or American cockroach. They entail the same qualities, color, and armor-like shell.

  • Defense mechanism

Running and hiding are primary defense mechanism of roaches. The water bugs would also run and hide, but they would also bite in their defense. All water bugs fly, whereas, only some roaches could put their wings to use.

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