In-Home Euthanasia is Safer and Comfortable for Dogs than the Vet Clinic

A dog pet is known for its lively attitude, vibrant energy, active and healthy body. Nobody likes a sluggish and fatigue dog dragging its body all over the place. Also, no matter how dull or active it is, the fact is that dog is the best friend you can ever have. Still, there are times people have to make harsh decisions for these friends at times.

When the quality of life of your dog reduces due to age, illness, euthanasia is the best choice. It may not be easy, but it is a common choice for most pet parents to go for. Getting in-home euthanasia means you’re helping your pet to pass in the comfort of the home. This is much better than taking an appointment in the vet’s office and scaring them during their last time.

Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC provides in home dog euthanasia facility. They provide services in New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Westchester. If you’re planning for euthanasia they will help in planning and decision making to make the paperwork slightly easier. They also provide pets with eastern medicine like therapies, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, etc. for a better life span.

Why In-Home Euthanasia?

Comfortable for Pet

Pets often get anxious when they hear the vet office. Often, we have seen pets getting nervous because they don’t like unfamiliar sound of other pets, the smell in the clinic, and the sight of the vet. Even if it is his or her final moment, your pet deserves some peace and calmness. At home, they will feel comfortable surrounded by their family members, toys, and ambiance.

Comfortable for Pet Owners

Even as pet owners you need time to overcome this mental shock. You can have your time with your pet which you may not get in the vet’s office. There are thousands of people waiting in queue with their pets and you will not get enough time for grief. Everyone cries when their loved ones pass away. Crying in the home is better than crying outside.

Complete Attention of Vet

Euthanasia is a process where the pet is given pills or injections to sleep peacefully forever. At home when the pet performs the procedure they’re only working on your dog. In the clinic, they have other clients in the queue so they almost rush with the processor are occupied with other engagements. At home, you can ask any questions to the vet and they have no other option than to listen and answer them. Many things have to be considered like burial, cremation adjusting to other pets, etc.

Not all dogs that are fatigue, show changes in behavior or have the illness are subject to euthanasia. Check with the vet, they know better about dog end of life signs. Euthanasia is not an easy decision for pet owners. However, keeping a pet that is suffering from an incurable disease or old age is also brutal. Those who have to undergo euthanasia with their beloved pets are generally in mental shock. It is painful to let the pet go that has been a part of the family for a long time.