Kidney Problems In Dogs: 8 Signs To Watch Out For

More often than not, kidney problems go unnoticed in dogs. It’s not something that you will easily identify whether through the eye test or actually checking your dog on your own. You may have to talk to your vet if you want to confirm whether your dog is having kidney problems.

Below are some signs to figure out if your dog needs an online compounding pharmacy.

  1. Subpar urine sample

If you gave a urine sample of your dog to the lab and they find and kidney problems, you’ll be glad that you took your dog to the vet. If your dog’s urine is too concentrated, then you might have a litany of other problems. The result is almost always accurate because of the safety measures in place for tampering.

  1. Medication in dogs

Make sure that you get your dog checked every once and a while to prevent him from developing serious symptoms. If your dog is undergoing medication and you aren’t using the right Make sure that you get your dog checked every once and a while to prevent him from developing serious symptoms., they will suffer. Treatment starts at the moment the kidney fails.

  1. Less appetite

Remember the first time you got your dog and they were oh so excited about eating? If your dog is displaying an entirely new behavior and has stopped eating the usual amount that they do, there is a possibility that your dog has kidney problems.

  1. Lethargy

Just like eating, dogs display how they really feel if they know that something’s not going to go right with their body. This is when lethargy kicks in and you will have to make sure that your dog gets the rest that it needs to them from stressing themselves out from something that they’ve done.

  1. Restlessness and depression

Feeling restless and depression are just two things that you will have to worry about when it comes to kidney problems in dogs. They can be affected by non-natural means such as a change in water consumption, vomiting, weight loss, mouth ulcers, pale gums, and more.

  1. Lack of balance and coordination

Dogs are some of the most balanced and coordinated creatures that you will ever have as pets. However, this all goes away if they are going through kidney problems. When this happens, make sure that they get plenty of rest and water.

  1. Urinary output: none or less

Have you noticed whether your dog has started to urinate less and less? This may be troublesome for a lot of people who put a strict schedule at when they let their pet. Address it earlier by managing their diet.

  1. Several more kidney problems

There are a lot more issues with the kidney for dogs because of how often they interact with things that may not necessarily be healthy with them. Make sure that they do go through dialysis, dietary management, and management of blood electrolyte abnormalities if they have to so they have someone to look to for companionship.

If you’re looking for an online compounding pharmacy, contact Akina Animal Health today. We’re one with you in keeping your pets healthy.