Mini French bulldog– know some basic aspects about this difficult character

There has always been a question among the pet lovers, especially French bulldogs, does the miniature French bulldog really exist? The small French bulldog exists in two varieties – standard, and mini. Some people consider dwarf individuals a mistake of nature, others see them as wonderful pets. So what exactly is this breed?

About the breed, standards and appearance

Dwarf French bulldog is not recognized as an independent breed. These mini-pets are considered an anomaly. In general, they are strong and stocky, but quite harmonious. And, their amusing ears make them look like bats. The difference between a French bulldog mini, and a standard representative of the breed is in size. A dwarf pet is up to 28 cm tall and weighing up to 8 kg. Ordinary “Frenchie” is slightly larger. They reach 35 cm at the withers and weigh up to 14 kg.

Description of the French bulldog mini breed –

  • The head is large, covered with folds.
  • The muzzle is short, flattened.
  • The eyes are quite large, dark, with a black rim of the eyelids.
  • The lobe is large, black, looking up.
  • Jaws are powerful, square. The lower one is slightly forward.
  • Ears are erect, with rounded tips.
  • The neck is short and muscular.
  • The chest is barrel-shaped, the back is strong. The abdomen is moderately matched.
  • The tail is straight, short, and set low.

Nature and behaviour

The mini French bulldog has differences in character.

  • In case of any danger, the Frenchie dog will be ready to protect the owner.
  • Mini French bulldogs are equally loyal to the owner and his family. They are very sociable, like to play and have fun. They cannot bear separation, and prefer to always be in the company of people.
  • A mini bulldog subtly feels a person’s mood, is capable of sympathy, and empathy.
  • Caring for them is not so difficult, because of their predisposition to allergies, and overweigh.
  • These pets need a special menu, and regular hygiene. Buy French bulldog jacket to protect them in winter.

Conclusion: proper exercise and training

In addition, the description of the Mini French bulldog indicates that it is a unique breed. It will not force the owner to make several rounds daily in the park. A dwarf dog can live almost without a walk. As well as they do not need to be trained professionally. Just competent socialization, and basic home training are enough.