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Be aware that the methods that work on positive reinforcement (that is, the reward of the dog after he has done what is expected of him, by a treat, a caress or the sound of a clicker) gives much better results than those based on sanctions or punishments (choke collars or anti-barking). Learning is faster with fun exercises. The classic methods are, among others, the clicker method, the natural method, and the traditional method. However, a good dog trainer usually does not offer a single method. It adapts to your dog’s temperament, but also to yours, to optimize your progress.

The Smartest Solutions Now

Indeed, during a training session, you and your dog operate as a couple, and progress together. It is therefore important that the current flows well within the handler-dog-trainer trio. During a session, the educator must give you exercises to do. He does not himself give the instructions to the dog, and does not work directly with him; the goal is for you to be able to get your dog to obey you on your own. The fact of asking the proof of the vaccination of the dogs which take part in the group lessons is a pledge of seriousness, because it is a place favorable to the transmission of contagious diseases. The use of the proper Irvine dog training services are now available for you now.

  • It can also be useful to inquire about insurance: a professional dog trainer has more responsibilities than an amateur instructor. He can be held responsible for incidents that occur during a group session, for example.
  • It is also during this stage that he will learn the inhibition of the bite. Indeed, he will discover that social conflict can be a source of inhibited bite, but not of injury and that this involves the control of his jaw. To learn this mastery, your dog must be put in free contact from an early age with other dogs who perfectly master the codes of communication.

The life of a dog can last from 10 to 20 years. So always weigh the pros and cons before adopting a puppy.

Where to find his future companion?

In breeding:

  • This is the right choice if you want to acquire a puppy with an LOF pedigree declared to the SCC.
  • The breeder can give you information about the breed and advise you on care, feeding and grooming.
  • Do not hesitate to contact several breeders and travel to visit the facilities.

In refuge or SPA:

  • You will find all types of dogs, from the smallest to the largest, of all ages.
  • They may have experienced trauma or have been abandoned due to death, moving or the arrival of a baby.
  • Adopting a dog from a shelter is giving it a new life and the chance to be happy.

In the pet store:

Sometimes you can also buy a dog from the pet store. You will have a wide choice of puppies of all breeds, LOF or not that you will adopt between 2 and 4 months. A lot of things are circulating in pet stores, so I leave you free to form your own opinion!