Things your Dog Hates You to do, and Maybe You Don’t Know

Did you know that there are behaviors that you love, but are things that your dog hates you to do? Indeed, they are small details of affection that you’ve been doing all your life, but in reality, your dog detests it.

We will review some of the habits that you should stop doing to our dogs especially bull terriers puppies because we must not forget that they are animals and we can’t always treat them like our friends.

Give Too Many Kisses and Hugs

Hugs are human social gestures, although for us they are wonderful and express support, love or joy, for dogs mean domination, that is, if a dog places its paw on the back of another, it is trying to dominate, so our dog will feel tense, threatened and scared.

For this reason, the fact that a child embraces a dog is amongst the main causes why these animals come to bite them.

As in every rule, exceptions abound, and dogs will love to be hugged. Even if you hug him, he may not react the same as hugging another. Just look at their behavior. If you get tense, move your head away from you, avoid contact with your eyes, lick your lips, keep your mouth shut or lower your ears means you are not liking your hug and are not comfortable. So, you better try to make them your other kind of sweetheart.

Caress the Head

Believe it or not, one of the things your dog hates you to do is touch his head. Our dog may allow us to respect it since for him we are the leader of the pack, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. Those small taps on the head in the “Good Boy” plan or the caresses on the skull and cheeks are annoying and even somewhat painful for our pets, they may feel uneasy when invading their space.

The best way to caress a dog is stroking its back or neck on the top and ending near its tail. They will be grateful to you!

Touch their Feet

Another thing that your dog hates you to do is cut their nails because when you do it, you remove their legs. But this is not what bothers them, but that you touch the soles of their feet. They are extremely sensitive to touch! Oddly enough, touching them we are causing tickle, but annoying tickle. Therefore, we should avoid touching his paws and scratching his belly if we want him to enjoy tickling.