Three Tips for Choosing a Pet Boarding Company

There are a number of reasons why your pet must be left by itself in the apartment for a long period. It doesn’t matter what these are, sometimes you just need to be without your pet for more than a day.

In a situation like this, you know that something must be done. Your pet can’t be left by itself. If you can’t take care of it because of some reason, then you must find a person who will. See some of the reasons why people leave their pets here.

Some people decide to entrust family members for this. People who already had contact with their pets. They think that this is the best solution in a situation like this. It’s not. Hiring a pet sitting agency is the best thing you can do.

Choosing one is not as easy as some might think, though. You need to do some heavy research before you find the best place. Think of it as looking for a kindergarten for a child. You wouldn’t let your child go to a place that’s not well researched and you’re sure that it is the best choice, right?

In this article, we’re sharing three tips that you must have in mind while doing your research. If you want to be sure that you’re doing a great choice, read them and follow our advice!

1. Look for training and license

Is there a logic to just drop off your pet to a stranger that knows nothing about animals? No, right? Before entrusting someone with the care for your pet, ask them if the people working there are professionals?

There are more courses and training in which these employees learn everything there is about different kinds of animals. Taking a course for this means they will earn a degree and a license which allows them to work with pets.

This is crucial for everyone who wants to work with pets. If they don’t have something like this, then you can’t be certain that your trust will be justified. If they can’t show you a license, then you know that you need to look for another place.

2. Check out other people’s opinions

When you’re doing research, you want to know what other people think about the problem you’re facing. Previous customers of certain borders will share their experience on the internet where it is public and free for everyone to see.

Their thoughts and reviews on different companies are a great way to find out if someone should be hired or not. However, there are too many companies in the States, so you need to look for ones close to you. For example, googling pet sitting near me in Raleigh will get you the ones near Raleigh. Typing the same for Charlotte will provide information for this city.

You’ll notice that around these big cities, there are hundreds of boarders. Not all of them are great and you certainly have no time to go through all of them, so just check out the highest-ranked ones.

3. Ask for 24/7 connectivity

Sometimes you go for a business trip around the planet and the different time zones can be a huge problem in communication. You can’t depend on US working hours and home time zone because that way you’ll never get to see your pet on camera.

What is important here is that some pets are very connected to their owners and being apart might affect them severely. They might lose appetite or become dehydrated just because they miss their owners.

Being able to see them and your pet to listen to your voice while you’re separated can be a huge benefit for the situation. It will be very helpful for them to stay healthy and strong.


These three issues, or features if you see them more this way, should be taken very seriously. Never accept a pet sitter that can’t provide these things. See more about these here:

Many other smaller factors may make you reach a decision but they are not as important as these three. If a certain place can’t show great results in one of these three, then you know that this is not the best place for you.