Tips for the First 30 Days of Cat Adoption

Summer season means the season for kittens fever. It is the time of the year when there are kittens in abandons. Animal shelters and foster homes are often flooded with kitties ready to be adopted. If you too are planning to add a cat to your household, don’t forget to bring if for a thorough checkup at Virginia beach veterinary hospital.

But besides giving your new kitty a thorough health check-up, it is essential to prepare your house for its arrival. Adopting an animal is a lifelong commitment of care and love. Adopting a pet often means making adjustments to your home and your lifestyle for that matter. So what are those few essential things to keep in mind when bringing a kitty into your life? We will find it out here:

Specialists at pet care veterinary hospital Virginia Beach VA would agree that the process of cat adoption can be a daunting experience. Before you introduce your new cat to your house, make sure it is kitten ready. If you already have a pet already and planning to extend your fur family by adopting a cat, consult the adoption facility or your vet doctor.

When exploring through the array of kitties, take your time to determine which kitty will suit your house best. Take the kitten of the cage and spend some quality time with her. Most often, kittens at the shelter are nervous and uncomfortable due to noise and unfamiliar smell. Allow the kitty to open up to you. Petting the kittens will help you understand their personalities better and make a good choice.

Adopting a kitten is a huge commitment. Kittens require constant attention and nutrient-rich food during their growing years. But besides food, cats are very particular about grooming and hygiene. When bringing a kitten into your home, make sure you have purchased all the essential supplies like food, water bowl, litter box, grooming kit, toys, blanket, cat house, and scratch post.

Kittens are instinctively curious creatures. Despite their small size, they are inquisitive at heart and don’t mind exploring a new environment. Given their small size, they are prone to get tangled into wires or curtains and choke on small toys.

During their teething stage, they chew on anything and everything possible which can possess a health threat for them. Thus, it is essential to cat proof your home before you let on a wander around your house. Lock everything small and poisons out from your cat’s paws. Most house plants are poisonous for pets and humans alike. Ingestion of small quality of such plants can lead to death in kittens. Before you open your doors for a kitten, do away with plants that are poisonous for them.

Secure all the cabinets and drawers so that the kitten can’t reach to the toiletries. A kitten like warm places to cozy up and dyers and electronic appliances provide for a warm place.  But these appliances can harm your tiny kitten.

If your kitten seems sick, waste no time in bringing him to the vet. Kittens required to be vaccinated regularly to ensure they live a healthy life.