Who will win between Blue Whale Vs Whale Shark fight?

Blue Whales are not only the largest animal but also the largest known animal that have ever existed. Blue Whales weigh around 100 tons roughly. Great white whale shark is also the
largest fish perhaps most fearsome.

Whale sharks also weigh more than hundredth of the blue whale. Both the Whale shark and whale are considered as the largest Marine Creatures. Largest species of fish in the world is Whale shark while The blue whale is considered as one of 40 species of whales, the largest animal on the planet.

Whales are a type of marine mammal unlike the whale sharks. Normally, the Whale sharks are found mostly in the warm and tropical waters but the whales prefer cold waters and they reside mostly in the North and South hemisphere. Population of the whale species and whale shark has been drastically reduced due to the pollution of the sea and uncontrolled hunting. Aside from the large size, whales and whale shark do not have many things in common.

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Facts About Whale Shark:

Whale sharks could grow more than 40 feet in length and weigh 47.000 pounds. With much bigger size, great whale sharks get more attention but whale sharks are not predatory.

Whale sharks normally have a flattened head with a blunt snout above its mouth. Backs and sides of the Whale shark are seen in varied colors from grey to brown along with the pale stripes and white spots. Amazingly, each of the whale sharks has their own unique pattern of spots so it would be easier to recognize efficiently. Mouth of the whale shark will be around 5 feet wide with rows of more than 300 teeth.

They do not use these teeth to eat the prey but only as the filter feeders. Whale sharks lives in
the warmer areas and they are widely found in the tropical waters. Almost 75% of the whale sharks are found in the Indian oceans as well as Pacific oceans and 25% of them are living in the Atlantic.

Whale sharks are solitary creatures so they do not shy away from sharing their feeding grounds with others. Whale sharks could survive even for 70 to 100 years.

Facts About Blue Whale:

Blue Whale is the largest animal living on earth and this is a massive giant of the ocean. Blue Whale feeds only on the smallest marine life such as tiny shrimp. Single Adult Blue Whale could consume 36,000 kg of tiny shrimp a day and they catch their food by diving.

Blue Whale has the fascinating row of plates with bristles that is helpful for filtering the
source of food. Blue Whale could hold up to 5,000 kg of plankton and water. Blue Whale is a deep-water hunter and it would come to the surface of the sea for breathing.

Blue whales can hear each other sound across distances up to 1,600 km.

Blue Whale Vs Whale Shark Comparison:

Killer whales have been preying on the sharks if necessary. Killer whales could easily flip the shark upside down with excellent attacking strategies. When the whale gets injured or already dead, then it would be advantageous for the sharks.

In most cases, the sharks tend to easily run away from the whales as they would not be able to fight them because of the larger strength and size. Blue whales would be much bigger than the whale shark and they live in varied climatic conditions. Blue whales could easily survive in the world between 100 and 200 years but whale sharks could survive only 70 to 100 years in the wild.